Bitcoin Exchange NairaEx Open for Business in Nigeria

Bitcoin exchange NairaEx debuts their platform in Nigeria today. NairaEx is a simple to use platform, designed for new Bitcoin users, although experienced users will enjoy the frictionless experience as well. What sets NairaEx apart from other Bitcoin exchanges is its easy verification system, getting users up and running to purchase Bitcoin within minutes after registering their account.

Nigeria is the biggest remittance market in the world today. This has lead the NairaEx team to develop a payment request tool allowing users to accept Bitcoin payments to their NairaEx account directly. To start receiving payments, NairaEx users can share a payment link which includes their Bitcoin address. NairaEx offers this service free of charge.

By accepting other e-currencies for bitcoin, we hope to tap into the popularity of those e-currencies to drive Bitcoin adoption in Nigeria.

David Ajala, Founder

NairaEx offers a complete suite of Bitcoin exchange tools, including:

  • unique pricing system: both FX and trading fees are included in the Bitcoin price listed on the exchange
  • The current real-time Bitcoin price is always on display
  • Convenient payment options besides bank transfers to buy Bitcoin
  • No withdrawal fees for bank transfers into any Nigerian bank account
  • A free welcome bonus of 1,000 NAIRA for new users
  • 25% commission referral program for all users

Unlike most other Bitcoin exchanges, NairaEx isn’t relying on payment processor or mobile payment solution for cash payments. In doing so,NairaEx cuts down on deposit fees, which would amount to as much as 2.5% otherwise. Making the purchase of Bitcoin more convenient, and being transparent regarding pricing and fees, are the top priorities for NairaEx.

To sign up as a user and trade Bitcoin in Nigeria, please visit